Listfixx is the meal planning and sharing tool that saves planners time, serves up new dishes to try, and connects families and communities.

Why we’re building Listfixx (with you)

We’re all about keeping our meals fresh - the ingredients and the experiences - to take advantage of the time we get to spend with families and friends. Our platform helps you know what the people down the street or in your favorite groups are making and then gives you tools to make planning and shopping fast and easy. We’re two sisters who love flavor, freshness, and friends & family time.

Our Mission

Sharing meals connects communities. We help all kinds of people and communities share inspiration and build stronger relationships.

Our Team

Allison Tepley

Co-Founder / Burger Lover

Allison really loves going to the grocery store for the flavors, the colors, the inspiration, and the people watching. She joined Lauren to build Listfixx as she realized how many magazines and bookmarks for recipes she had that she never incorporated. Now that Allison is a mom, she cooks most of the time at home - wants more variety but can’t seem to get those new ideas to the table.

Lauren Sloan

Co-Founder / Flexitarian

Lauren is rarely the cook at her house, but is the planner most of the time. This woman really likes to plan - product improvements, family time, community gatherings, and meals. She came up with idea for Listfixx as she kept getting requests for kid-friendly meals. She tries to keep it local and healthy, but as a flexitarian, she’s open to a delicious idea when you have one (or are visiting Texas).