In the hunt for variety and new flavors, we lose many great ideas

To find new ideas, we use magazines, recipe sites, and email from friends and family to find new meal ideas - but there’s no central place to house them

Meal kits work for some families and some nights a week

Love learning from meal kits? Great! Too much packaging? Too expensive? Want to pick your own produce? We’ve got an idea.

Families spend an average of 1-2 hours a week planning dinner to get variety and make dinner a little special

Getting from ideas to a plan to a grocery list can be easy - and even fun. With many meals together around the table, we all want to try something new to keep it interesting.

What’s my neighbor making for dinner?

It’s great to know what your favorite blogger is making or the chefs at Cooking Light, but sometimes you want to know what your neighbor is making. The one who uses the great spices.

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