Frequently Asked Questions

Finding meals I like

Q: How do I find my groups and communities?

A: Hashtags - #! Groups is a two part process at Listfixx

  • Following group hashtags from search or from onboarding and seeing those groups in your feed (like our favorite group #ButtonCousins)

  • Adding your group’s hashtag to your meal posts so it will show in the feed of your other members.

Q: What’s the difference between a recipe’s category (like Kid-Friendly) and a meal’s hashtag?

A: We want our users to find meal ideas quickly, but also to be able to mix and match with other recipes.

Saving meals and recipes

Q: What’s the difference between a meal and a recipe?

A: Meals are all about what goes together, so to help you save time, your feed of ideas from your groups is meals. That said, recipes are often the beginning of the equation, so we have our recipes in search and tagged from meals to make it easy to find them and substitute what seems best for your family.

Entering recipes

Q: How can I add a recipe to my profile or to my meal post?

A: There are 4 ways to add a recipe to your profile:

  • Email us at

  • Add a recipe from

  • Add a recipe button from your profile page

  • Add a recipe from a meal post

For more detail, read the how-to here - Add a recipe.

Q: I can’t see my recipe. Where is it?

A: All recipes are reviewed by our admin to be sure they fit our guidelines and are easy to read.

Q: There’s a recipe on Listfixx that’s mine, but I’m not getting credit. What can I do?

A: Please send a note to and thank you for letting us know! At Listfixx, we’re committed to supporting the amazing and creative cooking community - the people and teams who create recipes and bring variety to our tables. We require all posters of recipes to attribute recipes to their sources, and we send traffic back to food sites for the directions and preparations.

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Other questions or product ideas?

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